On the Next Super Saturday Training, 4/15 at 10 am PT

Join us this Saturday with several of XANGO South Africa leaders.  XANGO South Africa is on FIRE because they USE and SHARE the XANGO Product and Opportunity with Others… OFTEN!

Meet our newest leaders, premiers who rank advanced in 3 months, a 200K that did it in 10 months, and our existing leaders who have paved the way for so much growth and excitement.

How can YOU Build an International XANGO Business.  Tune in Saturday and find out.

xango south africa


Every Saturday at 10:00 am PT
Audio &  Visual ONLINE
Registration Link: http://gotime.enterthemeeting.com/m/N8D7WGAK
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PHONE: (949) 229-4400, Attendee PIN: 9443
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