This weeks topic are some of the hottest topics ever…We all at one time have wondered the same questions.These 5 topics alone if taught in universities around the globe could greatly help our emerging young men and women be so much more prepared! Our XUBookclub this week gives us a lot of opportunity to develop ourselves. The focus this week is on HOW TO Become a Money-Getter, HOW TO Turn Your Desires into Gold,  HOW TO Build Your Financial Nest Egg, HOW TO Attract Success and HOW TO Increase Your Value …Our lessons this week  can help YOU do do all of this and more. We’ll be mentoring with the likes of P.T. Barnum, Napoleon Hill and many others.

XU Book Club

Each week I encourage you to actively participate…all of you have value and insight to share! I invite you to discover these truths contained in these lessons and you will Become More.

Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 6:00 pm PDT

Audio &  Visual ONLINE
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Listen Only (no registration required)
PHONE: (949) 229-4400, Attendee PIN: 9443
Once you have registered, we will send you the information you need to join the webinar.
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Assignment can be found at this link [Click Here]

I personally read my lessons as a pdf from my computer but you can also read on a tablet or on your Smart Device. I like to take advantage of the between times, “moments”, to read.

I am confidant that if you are setting aside the time, doing the reading and assignments as well as participating in our XUBookclub you are serious about your personal development.This never-ending improvement is our TRUE investment in ourselves, our business and the lives of those around us…Congratulations, you are leading by example. In our past book Dr. Covey taught us we learn best by teaching what we learn. I hope you are sharing what you learn with your teams and encouraging them to get on these calls!

Please respond ASAP if you want to contribute your thoughts so I can add you to my lineup.
We’re changing in 2015…Looking for each week to be our best yet!!

Yours Partners in Success,

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