Compensation Plan & Building Strategies on the Next XU Faculty Super Saturday

Join us Saturday morning 7/9 at 10 am PT / 1pm ET and let Colli Butler “Show YOU the MONEY”!

And there hasn’t been a better time to join XANGO since the launch of the XANGO Juice.  Now with XANGO PiiX, herbal alchemy extracts by XANGO that target specific body systems that you add to your juice, you can make More Money Faster than Ever Before!

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There is no greater compensation plan in the network marketing industry than the XANGO Compensation Plan.  Learn why, and how to explain the pay plan simply and powerfully, and learn what sets the XANGO pay plan apart from all the others.

You Will Learn…
How to Present the Comp Plan to a Prospect
How to Teach the Comp Plan Basics to Your New New Distributor
How to Maximize the Compensation
Why XANGO’s Comp Plan is the Best in the Industry!
How to Create a Customer leg and Earn Shares in the iBonus Pools
How to Maximize Points for the Next Trip to Paradise

Comp Plan

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